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September 17, 2014

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calling, loving, eating, riding, wishing

Kris is currently calling us from Nunavut. He can't call too often because he has to use a satellite phone and there is normally a line up to use it. When he does get through, I always find it hilarious to hear what Kale likes to share in the two minutes they chat. Tonight it was "I had karate today but when you put on your uniform, you have to keep your normal undies ON because there are no karate undies. Isn't that silly?!? Ok, bye!" 

Beatrix is currently loving rolling around and scooting backwards. She is is sooo close to crawling and even did a little forward army crawl tonight, but for the most part, she just rolls around and gets stuck under the couch. Every time I leave the room for a second, I come back to her little face peeking out and grinning from under the couch. It is very, very adorable. 

Kale is currently eating an enormous amount of food at school every day. I pack his lunch to the brim and his dishes look like he licked them clean. At first I thought he might just be dumping what he's not eating, but he assures me that he eats every last bite. We also have conversations like this: 
K: "Mama. I did NOT like that pasta salad you packed in my lunch today." 
R: "Ok. Did you throw it out? There's none left?"
K: "Mama. I ate it all. That does NOT mean I liked it." 

Beatrix is currently riding out a cold. She's had it for a full week and the runny nose shows very little signs of improvement. She also has this little hoarse voice, making her cry about the saddest thing I've ever heard. Babies and colds are such a terrible combination. 

Beatrix is currently wishing she had some teeth. It's pretty amazing what a baby can eat without any teeth, but sometimes Bea watches me eat an apple and I can see the jealousy in her eyes. 

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the day Kale [almost] left the family

September 14, 2014

Not only do Kale and I look very much alike, but our personalities are extremely similar. You'd think this would mean that we would get along, which we do, of course, but it also lends itself to some pretty epic clashes. As two bull-headed Taurus's, we are determined and stubborn to a fault. I often find myself wondering how we will ever survive the teenage years, when hormones enter the mix. Well, something tells me I got a glimpse of that today....

This morning Kale woke up at 5am and, the thing is, Kale needs to sleep until at least 6am to be a tolerable human being for the rest of the day. Unfortunately, the 5am wake up has become a bit of a "thing" for him this week, along with waking several times a night and coming into my room around midnight with an armful of stuffed animals and a ladybug that projects stars onto the ceiling. Combine this with the fact that Beatrix hasn't been sleeping very well and I'm on my own this week while Kris is in Nunavut, and well, I'm tired. Very tired.

So at 5am when Kale started bouncing off the walls, I got angry. Like, really, really angry. And in my exasperation, I said, "Kale, if you don't start sleeping better, you're going to have to move out!" "But who will I live with?!?," he asked. "Ugh. I don't know. Another family that likes waking up at 5am," I replied.

Approximately 8 hours later, out of the blue, Kale started to gather his things by the front door. "Kale, what are you doing?" I asked. "Getting ready to move in with my other family," he told me.

Interesting, I thought. Let's see where this goes....

He  pondered bringing his fire truck with the broken ladder, but then I heard him say to himself, "maybe they'll take me to Target to get a new firetruck."

As he selected two coats, a rain coat and a windbreaker, he turned to me and said, "I'm pretty sure they'll have a winter coat for me when it gets cold."

He stopped at the door, sighed a deep sigh, and said, "I'm going now. Bye." And off he went.

When I peeked out the door and couldn't see him, I tiptoed out to the porch and could see him waiting on the sidewalk, struggling to hold his two jackets, fire truck, toy airplane and umbrella.

Eventually I wandered out to ask what he was doing and he just said, "waiting for my new family." When I suggested they might be waiting for him, he picked a direction and started walking. From the sidewalk I watched him drop something from his arms every few feet. He'd stop, collect it, and shuffle another few feet.

Eventually he turned around and I thought he'd given up, but instead he came back only to tell me he needed me to drive him to his new family.

At this point my neighbour stopped her car on her way by to see what was going on. I explained that Kale was moving out. Kale decided to tell his side of the story, explaining that "I woke up like a hundred times last night and my mom was so angry! She told me I need to move out so I'm just going to wait here for a new family." My neighbour stifled a giggle and I just shrugged my shoulders. What could I say? He spoke the truth.

At this point he got the bright idea to move in with my neighbour, promising her that he would sleep in and would help her put together her election signs (she's a city councillor running for re-election). While he juggled his things, trying to free a hand to open her car door, I realized that I was no match for Kale.

It became all too clear to me in that moment that Kale could out-last me in any circumstance. That, even at four years old, he knew it too and he was waiting to call my bluff.

And eventually I had to (because it was the only way he'd come inside). I told him I was joking. He looked me in the eye, my little mirror image, and said, "I know that, mama, I know." And he walked inside.

Beatrix Mae [seven months]

September 12, 2014

I was just getting used to the idea that I have a newborn, that I have a daughter, when all
of a sudden I have a SEVEN MONTH OLD. A seven month that is on the verge of crawling. That wants to stand (supported) more than she wants to sit. That rolls the span of our
house in two seconds flat to get to the cat. Even though she's always with me, I'm still sometimes surprised to see her there, looking so....I don't know, like a 7 month old??

This past month Beatrix proved that she really is the ultimate trooper, as we introduced her to an Ellery-Krahl August. Basically we chill out for June and July and then panic when we realize summer is almost over and try to cram in an un-cram-able amount of stuff. Like camping trips in the freezing cold. Trips to my parents, hanging out with friends, going to every park, days at the pool, birthday parties. Whatever is out there - we're doing it in August. Of course, Beatrix was all like, "that's cool, let's do this" and didn't even complain when rain was dripping on her through the nylon of our tent.

Sleep hasn't been great this month. The turning point was really the camping trip, but that could just be coincidence. She's also trying to grow a tooth, caught her first cold, and is learning about 469 things per day. On top of all that, Kale was home this past month, which meant spending lots of time going from activity to activity, not really offering Bea much of a routine. Now that he's back in school and our days are less rushed, I'm hoping things will settle and she'll start sleeping better.

Bea's favourite part of the day is probably eating. Most days I'm offering her something at every meal, but the amount varies. I'm of the "food before one is just for fun" camp, so I don't worry about her getting "enough." Also, she is huge and one day she ate a yogurt, a bowl of spaghetti, an avocado and a handful of veggie straws. So yeah, she definitely likes to eat.

She is so close to crawling! She spent the first half of the month moving from sitting to face plant, but finally figured out that she needs to put her arms out first and s-l-o-w-l-y move from bum to belly. Now she pushes up with her arms and slides herself backwards or rolls or spins to wherever she wants to go (which, most days, is under the couch). She also loves it when I stand her up and she holds on to the couch, and has come way too close to being able to pull herself to standing in her crib (lowering the crib is on the top of Kris's to do list when he gets home). And she waves! The little open and closed baby fist wave that melts your heart. Kale and I easily spend an hour a day waving and saying "HI BEATRIX, HI!" and she looks at us like we've finally lost our minds for good and every now and then appeases us with a little wave.

I have a feeling this next month is going to be a big one. I can't wait to see what it brings.

Currently [link up]

September 9, 2014

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falling, wearing, making, smiling, learning

I am currently falling behind on blog posts. Not only is Kris away for two weeks (did you hear he went to Nunavut? Read the post here), but I've started working a few hours a week from home, am managing a re-election campaign for a city councillor, and, you know, have two little kids. So blogging is falling lower and lower on my list of priorities these days. I'll get back to it, I'm sure. Consistent posts have never been a strong suit for this blog anyway. 

We are currently wearing all of the layers! The mornings are cold and the afternoons are hot around here, so we're making the best of it with lots of layers. I'm pretty eager to pack away the shorts, but am realizing that both Bea and I have pretty limited fall wardrobes. I guess that just means I have some shopping to do! 

Kale is currently making a pile of kleenex. Yup, first cold of the school year took a total of 5 days to catch. Let's hope it doesn't turn into a doozy and that he keeps it to himself. 

I am currently smiling about the fact that I managed to get both kids to bed before 7:30pm tonight. Last night (which was Kris's first night away) Kale was up every 1-2 hours with the start of a cold and Bea wasn't much better. I was dreading a tough bedtime, but they both gave me a pass and fell asleep easily (and early!). 

Beatrix is currently learning to wave. Is there anything cuter than the first time a baby copies you?? She's just started squeezing her little fist open and close to say hello with some (heavy duty) prompting from Kale and I. It's so ridiculously adorable. 

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September 9, 2014

Last night Kris and I put the kids together, he did the dishes while I packed Kale's lunch, we sat on the couch and drank a beer together. And then he picked up his bag, said goodbye, and left to go work in Nunavut for two weeks.

Yes. NUNAVUT. If you're not Canadian and you know where this is, well, bonus points to you, my friend. Nunavut is a territory in northern Canada. So northern that it takes five hours to fly there and he'll have to call me on a satellite phone.

Didn't I tell you that there were some big changes happening in our lives?

Kris will be working there for two weeks and then will have four weeks home. We're hoping to hold on to that schedule until January, when he'll likely work three weeks there and have three weeks home. We had been talking about doing this for nearly a year, when Kris's dad and brother first started working there, but were hoping to wait until January when Kris's parental leave was over and Bea was in full-time care. But two weeks ago they called and offered Kris a slightly different position that was too good to pass down - only hitch was that he had to start right away. But, we threw caution to the wind, Kris quit his job, packed his bags, and off he went.

There are a few different reasons we decided to do this. Mainly, it will allow us to keep both our kids in Montessori (Bea will be starting in January). We're also hoping to pay down some debt and build some savings. Beyond the financial incentive, we hope that this job will give Kris some more quality time with the kids. As of last week, he was leaving at 7am and not getting home until close to bedtime. The only time he really got to spend with the kids was on the weekend. Now, when he's home for 3 and 4 weeks, he's home. This will be even more important when I'm back to work full-time and I can hand over the pick ups and drop off's, as well as cooking dinner, packing lunches, laundry, etc. for the weeks that he is home. Hopefully all of this will balance out the fact that I'll be solo-parenting for weeks at a time and Kris will be missing the kids like crazy.

It was not an easy decision for us and we were both in tears last night when it was time for him to go. We're doing our best to focus on the good parts and putting on a brave face the rest of the time.

Wish us luck on this new adventure.