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reading, feeling, racing, using, smelling

I am currently reading this article about a new parenting study released. Go ahead...give it a read. I'll wait. (here's a snippet: "A recent study has shown that if American parents read one more long-form think piece about parenting they will go fucking ape shit."). I got a good laugh out of this. 

Kale is currently feeling pretty proud of himself after passing his latest swim class. He is such a fish and his skills and comfort in the water blow me away. He's already a better swimmer than Kris and I combined. I have a feeling we'll be spending a lot of time in the water this summer. 

Kris is currently racing home from work every night to hang out with the fam. He's had lots of 12 (and 13 and 14) hour days lately, which has been hard on everyone (but especially Kris). Thankfully the weekend is only a couple days away and we have ZERO plans.  

Beatrix is currently using her voice to tell us that she wants her mama and only her mama. She's pretty badass so I don't mind hanging out with her 24/7, but a solo hot bath wouldn't be so bad either. 

Kale is currently smelling spring and has informed me that it's disgusting. I have to admit, the smell of mud is not the best, but at least we're breathing in fresh air! It is so nice to finally get outside, but I still see snowflakes in the weather forecast so I'm not packing away my boots just yet.


  1. love this link-up! thanks for hosting and beautiful family!

  2. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. It sounds good!

  3. Evelyn has those pants and I love them. I still try to sneek her into her 3-6mo sizes just because I love the stretchy pants and patterns! Also, Kale can come teach Logan how to be better in the water. Still a little fear going on in there. And lastly, you are doing a great job keeping up on blogging with two kids! I certainly didn't last long and honestly, I don' miss it all that much.

  4. Ooh, quiet weekend sounds amazing. Maybe you can fit a G chat into your Sunday? I wouldn't be opposed to chatting with a hot Canadian gal while she takes a much-earned soak ;)

  5. Your weekend with ZERO plans sounds devine and you're right, that article is da bomb - thanks for sharing!! :) ha! Crista @ Hands and Hearts More Than Full xo

  6. LOVE the article!! :-)
    Hope the weekend is as relaxing as (non)planned.

  7. Haha some aspects of spring smell kinda too natural but at least there's the flowers!!!

  8. Oh my God "disgusting" is Cole's new favorite word!!! Everything is "dis-gust-in!" It's really cute but kind of annoying at the same time. Loved the new yorker piece. I am sooooo tired of reading parenting articles/studies. I just read one yesterday that said the kids of parents who are too involved in their academics do poorly in school. I started to scratch my head and wonder if I was going ape shit!