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{currently.... Bea is slightly terrified about the amount of love Kale has for her}

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This weeks themes:
clearing, digging, mixing, reading, watching

Beatrix is currently clearing out of my room. Even though we planned to bedshare like we did with Kale (and still do), it turns out that everyone sleeps better when Bea is in her own room. So we're slowly working on transitioning the little space we made her in our room, into her own room.

Kris is currently digging living in Canada. Kris cut his hand last week at work and ended up with a nasty infection. He started on an oral antibiotic from the doctor, but when that didn't work he had to get an IV at the hospital and then we had a nurse come to our house for three days to give him more. Kris developed quite the bond with nurse Raymond and was sad to see him go, but his hand is doing much better. Anyway, thanks to our healthcare system, everything (the drugs, the doctor visit, the hospital visits, the home visiting nurse) cost a grand total of $2. 

Kale and I are currently mixing oats and peanut butter to make some delicious treats. We are doing our best to cut down on processed snacks and excess sugar for Kale. Getting him involved in making things seems to help him forget about the Bear Paws. 

Kale is currently reading a pile of books we picked up at the library the other night. I am so happy that Kale can sit through a few books that consist of more than "see spot run, see spot jump." I can't wait until we can delve into a good novel together. 

I am currently watching Veep (or at least I'm going to start as soon as I'm done this post). I love Julia Louis-Dreyfus in this show. Mostly because of how much she swears. I also loved the season premiere of Mad Men earlier this week and look forward to watching the season finale of Parenthood and Grey's Anatomy (bring on the tears!). 

next weeks themes: 
making, eating, enjoying, hiding, noticing


  1. The story about your husband's hand made me cringe!!!!! Until I got to the $2 part and then I just wanted to up and move to Canada right there at the end of that sentence! We have been having one awful time with health insurance here in the States... enough to make me want to cry! And it's so funny - I wrote about Parenthood this week too :) but just how behind I am!

  2. Kris' infection would have cost fifty thousand dollars here in the States, with insurance. It sucks that that happened though, but whenever you want me to come marry you for my Canadian citizenship just gimme a buzz ;) Ugh on snacks! I only buy organic, and try to make one homemade thing per weekend plus fruit up the ying yang but still snacks is like this THING. I wrote about snacks in my post too. Also, Loretta sleeps so much better in her room as well. Maybe it's a second child thing? But we had the same realization and it made all our lives better once she got her quiet space. xo

  3. We had a hard time with all three of the boys sleeping in their own beds. If it was up to me I would still be hugging them every night. Gary was the one that put his foot down, and had the boys sleep in their own beds. It is better with them in their own bed.

  4. We make no-bake energy balls all the TIME and the kids just call them cookies ... win/win! :)

  5. I started reading chapter books to Logan. He loves it! B is reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory right now. Go for it!