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{Kale waiting for Bea to wake up}

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This weeks themes:
dropping, making, wearing, kissing, keeping

Kale is currently dropping some pretty obvious hints about what he wants for his birthday next month (bikes, toys, scooters) and what he wants when he's "older" (pogo stick). As with his other birthdays, we're resisting "stuff" and choosing an awesome experience that will (hopefully) make up for the lack of presents. 

I am currently making an effort to include some exercise in my day. We might get a gym membership again once Bea is a bit older and I'm comfortable leaving her with the gym child care, but until then it's all about Tracey Anderson DVD's and long walks (which, honestly, is more than enough for me these days). 

Kale is currently wearing his Milli shirt. Milli is his favourite character from a TV show called Umi Zoomi. In fact, some days Kale only responds to us if we call him Milli. The Milli shirt really deserves its own blog post, but for now you just need to know that Kale would wear that shirt every day if he could. 

We are currently trying to keeping kissing to a minimum around these parts to stop the spread of a cold. First Kale came down with it and despite all the amazing immunities that Bea is supposed to be getting from my breastmilk, she ended up with it too. Nothing is more sad than a tiny baby cough. 

I am currently keeping Kris. Like, forever. Bea barely slept a wink last night due to her cold and Kris stayed up all night with her so I could get a bit of shut eye. Send "Father of the Year" paraphernalia his way. I'm pretty sure he'll also accept beer. 

next weeks themes: 
clearing, digging, mixing, reading, watching


  1. I'll send beer - but could I also send Eila and Steve so I can curl up into bed with you for a few hours of ZZZZZ's?

  2. Fantastic that you do experiences instead of stuff for birthdays, so much longer lasting. If I could think of a way to send beer to Kris I would x

  3. That's cool that he like Milli and not Geo or Bot. Is he a fan of patterns?

  4. I think you were offline when I tried to G-chat did you get the note when you logged in? I never know how these things work but realized too late that you phone probably didn't "ping" you... This Saturday? xoxoxoxoxo

  5. Love the pic! Bea is so absolutely adorable. Cole loves Milli and Geo as well and I find myself playing Team UmiZoomi more than I care to admit, though it rarely matters who Cole plays, just as long as it's not Bot. Usually, he reserves that for Bevin.