the volcano

Kale has recently been really into pretending to be a volcano. Actually, scratch that. He's been really into having me pretend to be a volcano so that he can douse me out with his pretend fire hose. My volcano impression is actually pretty good - full of wildly flailing arms and explosion noises. However, I figured it wouldn't hurt him to see the real thing, so I pulled up a video on YouTube. We watched it approximately 400 times before we moved on to documentaries about volcano's and then the dreaded "how to" videos. I dread them because I know what comes next: "Oh mama, we could make a volcano!" After watching 20 different how-to videos, I was completely convinced that, no, we could not make a volcano. We could, however, buy a volcano kit! And so we did. 

I told Kale we had to wait until the weekend, so that Kris could take Bea and I could give Kale my undivided attention. The thought of things exploding with anything less made me a bit nervous. So first thing Saturday morning (and not a second later), we got to work! 

We mixed the volcano material, poured it into our plaster, and let it set. I thought Kale might have a complete meltdown when we realized that it had to sit for 24 hours, but he showed some amazing constraint. Of course, first thing Sunday morning (and not a second later), he was back at it. Kale is sooooo into painting these days, so this was a perfect project. 

So there weren't any actual "explosions," but I think I'm the only one that was disappointed by that. Kale was more than happy to watch the "lava" pour out from the top over and over and over (until we ran out of vinegar). 

Now we have a permanent volcano that we can fill and refill as much as our hearts desire and I can lay my volcano impersonating days to rest. 


  1. This is adorable! We made a similar volcano a few months back in tot school and it was Ethan's favorite activity ever. Something about volcanoes seems so exciting to them...not so much to me, lol. Kale is getting so big! He looks so very much older in all these recent photos!

  2. How adorable. My son would love it. I might be on the search for a Volcano Kit now. Feel free to video your impressions and share it with us LOL

  3. Cole would love an activity like this. I remember in the early days when Bevin would take naps for 2+ hours, Cole and I would have a ton of fun doing art "par jets".